About Us

Finish Line Cycling is a proud and dedicated family-owned business. As owners of Finish Line Cycling, we share a lifelong passion of cycling.  Finish Line Cycling is a small company emphasizing customer care and unique adventure vacations.


We avidly follow professional cycling news and watch racing coverage in person, online and on television. Racing results include small town races in Wisconsin, and larger, well-known circuits in Ohio, Montana, and Colorado, as well as throughout Germany. For several years we have participated in many organized rides including Triple-By Pass, Elephant Rock, Buffalo Classic, and the Ronde van Vlaanderen Cyclosportive.

Both mountain bikes and road bikes are part of our lifestyle. Typically our weekly rides in Colorado take us through hilly valleys, meandering along clear streams, or climbing steep roads throughout the Rocky Mountains.

cleaning a bike at a young age

It’s exciting to see the love of bikes continue with our kids as they learn how to wash their own bikes after a long ride, and ‘help’ pump up the tires for the next one.  Cycling is in our blood!

Policies and Procedures

Your privacy is important to us. You can read our privacy policy and find out how we protect your personal information.

Before you sign up for a Finish Line Cycling tour please read through our terms and conditions. If you still have questions please contact us.

Meet the Owners

john manager bike belgium

As manager of Finish Line Cycling, John is responsible for service to each customer and leading tours.  He has been riding for over thirty years and is geared up to lead another tour. His first bike was a Huffy, which he soon customized by removing all of the stickers, and painting it solid black.  After learning how to ride his personalized creation up the steep hills to his house, he realized he loved this new freedom, and began riding more frequently. Since then he has been racing all over the United States and even a little in Europe.  His passion shows through as he tells tales about the latest race he participated in, recent tour coverage on TV, or yesterday’s club ride.


Knowing the effort it takes to win as a professional is inspiring and enjoyable to him, and helps him keep focused on his own training goals.  When he’s not at the Spring Classics in Belgium, he can be found riding with his local club or leading training camps in the spring.  John’s warm and friendly smile will help you go the extra mile on the bike and you will realize his enthusiasm is contagious.

Owner of Finish Line Cycling, Lynnda is the hub of the business.  She is responsible for the administrative functions of the company and makes sure all trips are organized and running smoothly.


There isn’t a detail she hasn’t thought about!  Even though she has been riding over twenty years, she still has fond memories of her first bike, a powder-puff blue fike with five speeds.  Lynnda rides to relax from the daily grind, and joins the weekly club rides around town to keep up with her climbing skills.


Riding through the local, rocky canyons is a favorite for her.  She has switched gears from racing, and is now managing tours, creating customized itineraries for private groups, and is responsible for all marketing functions of the company. When not planning bike trips she tries to keep up with the kids at the park.